Become a Host on My Playrooms

The central platform for administrating and marketing your accommodations.

Your Advantages on My Playrooms

High Visibility

  • Increase the occupancy rate by 20 - 30% through better visibility and easier booking.

Data Security

  • The protection of your business data is ensured through state-of-the-art security technology and fast deletion of data.

Professional Booking Management

  • Significant relieve from administrative tasks - fully featured for your booking management.

You retain full Control

  • You make the rules: prices, house rules, availability or discounts. Each booking has to be accepted through you or can be rejected.

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive operation and wholly browser based application - no technical requirements.


  • Business information regarding your bookings and guests are only accessible by you.

The Booking Process

We offer an all-round care-free package to manage your bookings. We focus on a uniform customer experience to make bookings as simple and fast as possible for guests. At the same time each booking has to be accepted by you - this way you maintain control of who visits your playroom at what time.

  • 1

    Guest submits booking request

  • 2

    You as host acceptance the booking or reject it

  • 3

    You can edit the booking at any time

  • 4

    Booking reminder via E-mail

  • 5

    Guests enjoy their stay

  • 6

    Guest leaves a review

Bookings are automatically added to the booking calendar of your playroom. Thus, overlapping booking will be avoided. Further, the cleaning time is considered in the booking calendar. Discover many more features when registering your account and creating your playroom!

3 Steps to become a Host

  • 1


    The registration of an account with My Playrooms is free of charge. It takes only a few minutes to sign up, confirm and get started!

  • 2

    Playroom Setup

    The creation of your playroom takes about 10 minutes. A menu-guided process allows you to describe the equipment, prices and everything else that your accommodation offers. <br/>Your playroom, your rules! You define the maximal number of guests and house rules. Nothing happens without your consent.

  • 3

    Go Live

    As soon as the configuration is done, your playroom can go live. An editorial review through an admin ensures that nothing has been missed. As soon as the playroom goes live it is publicly visible and guest can start booking.

You need Help?

We are here for you! Ask us anything about the registration, bookings, payment or the platform as a whole. Leave us a message!

The Functionalities of the all-in-one Platform

My Playrooms offers a central location for administrating and marketing your playroom. It is our goal to simplify your administrative tasks so that you can concentrate on your business.

  • Highest level of privacy - nobody gets information about your business data.
  • Either offer your playroom for hourly booking, overnight booking or both.
  • Individual configuration of your playroom including description, photos, availabilities, prices, business terms, house rules and much more.
  • Choose if you want to hide the exact address of the playroom so that it is not publicly visible.
  • Accept or reject booking requests.
  • Communicate with guests through the platform.
  • Restrict the availability, e.g. due to personal need, renovation works or vacation.
  • Automatically managed booking calendar and overview of all your bookings.
  • Calculation of cancellation fees.
  • Personal support in case of question and issues.
  • Calendar synchronization with external calendars through export and import.

Discover many more features after registering your account. Additionally new features are added all the time as the development continues.

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