About Us

We are pleased that you are interested in us and our platform My-Playrooms. We offer a great selection of flats to suit your needs and desires. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We hope you enjoy browsing and find a great deal for your next stay!

Who we are?
My-Playrooms is a booking platform of the SiMiPa GmbH - a company from Dortmund. We, the three founders of the company, are experienced software developers and IT project managers respectively, who pursue the common goal of offering a perfect booking platform for hosts and guests with a lot of commitment and enthusiasm.
What is our vision?
Our vision is to offer the perfect booking platform for the BDSM scene with My-Playrooms and to improve it constantly. At My-Playrooms you should be able to discover and book all exciting SM-Playrooms of all kinds (SM-Holiday, SM-Apartment, SM-Dungeon, SM-Villa etc.) from all over the world.
What can hosts expect from us?
We are and will remain an open, fair and reliable partner for our hosts, always doing our best to ensure mutual success.
What can guests expect from us?
We do our best to offer visitors and guests of My-Playrooms maximum discretion and data security in addition to first-class user experience.
How did we get the idea to develop a booking platform for the BDSM scene?
A friend of ours has been running two playrooms in Dortmund since 2013, known as BlackSurprise. He does it via his own website. From time to time he has difficulties with his website because of, for example, framework updates, expired certificates or cookie settings. At some point he said it would be great to have a booking platform that is functionally comparable to Booking.com or AirBnB and is specialised in the fetish and SM scene. We thought it was a great idea and founded SiMiPa to implement it.