Frequent questions from visitors and guests
What is
You surely know Airbnb. My-Playrooms is basically a similar booking platform with a focus on BDSM holiday flats, fetish flats, erotic playrooms and SM hotels or BDSM villas.

What are the so-called playrooms?
Playrooms are privately rented rooms - i.e. appropriately equipped BDSM holiday flats, fetish flats, erotic playrooms and SM hotels or BDSM villas. You can book a playroom as a private person for a few hours or several nights to play and experience.

What types of playrooms exist?
A playroom is basically a room used for S&M games. It can be equipped with different SM furniture and equipment, such as St. Andrew's crosses, gynaecologist chairs, bondage bed frames, spanking benches and much more. There are different types of these such as Dungeon, Dark Room, SM Domicile, Playground, etc. These are just a few examples of SM playrooms. There are many other types of rooms that can be used for SM play, and everyone has their own preferences and needs in terms of the type of room they play in.

In which countries can I find playrooms?
Currently we are focusing on BDSM holiday flats, fetish flats, erotic playrooms and SM hotels and BDSM villas in Germany. Very soon you will find many more playrooms in Austria on My-Playrooms. Afterwards we will open up other European countries.

How confident are the offers on My-Playrooms?
The offers on My-Playrooms are absolutely trustworthy. The hosts on My-Playrooms are almost without exception the owners of the respective playroom. In personal conversations, a host and we first get to know each other. Then we carefully set up the offer on My-Playrooms with the respective host. In the process, data from the playroom is verified using various sources of information. Only then is an offer released for publication by a platform administrator.

Do I have to pay anything for registering or using the platform?
For a visitor or guest, the usage of the platform is completely free of charge. You do not have to pay anything to My-Playrooms for either registration or booking.

Why do I have to register to book a playroom?
With the registration we want to ensure the seriousness of the booking request. Your registration allows a host to make initial contact with you and conversely via My-Playrooms' integrated messaging service, so that you and the host can resolve many booking-related issues quickly and discreetly.

What information is required from you for registration?
For registration, only a valid e-mail address and a name by which you would like to be addressed are required. Since discretion has the highest relevance with us, we keep everything concerning personal data to an absolutely necessary minimum.

How does a booking and payment work?
A booking is made in two steps. In the first step, you as a guest create a booking request, which includes all data of your planned stay (e.g. date for check-in and check-out, number of persons and special features) and the automatically calculated price. In the second step, the host decides whether he or she can accept this booking request or, in rare cases, must reject it. In this process, the host often already makes the first contact with you. With the confirmation or rejection, you will automatically receive a notification by email from My-Playrooms.

To whom do I pay when I make a booking?
You pay directly to the host. The payment information is provided by the host and is usually in the description of the playroom or in the booking summary. Many hosts require a pro-rata or, in a few cases, full payment in advance.

Can I cancel a booking?
You can cancel a booking request at any time as long as the host has not confirmed it. The cancellation of an unconfirmed booking request is completely free of charge for you. You can cancel a booking request that has already been confirmed by the host under the respective cancellation conditions. The cancellation conditions are individual, and you should consider them before making a booking. In agreement with our hosts, My-Playrooms usually guarantees a cancellation free of charge 30 days before the planned check-in.

What are the benefits of having an account?
As a registered guest, you can use many practical platform functions that a user without an account does not have. In addition, when you register you will receive a voucher of €5 which you can redeem immediately on any booking on My-Playrooms.
  • A booking history with all pending and past bookings.
  • Automatic notification of status changes of a booking request.
  • Integrated message and chat system to communicate directly with the host.
  • Waiting list function for highly requested and fully booked playrooms.

How well are my data and identity protected?
Your privacy is our highest priority. All your personal data that you entrust to us is protected and kept safe by us. It also goes without saying that we handle your bookings discreetly! Only the respective host receives information about a booking in order to organize your stay. Furthermore, everything concerning your personal data is kept to an absolute minimum. In principle, only a valid email address is required from you for the booking.