A Collection of Tools for the Delightful Exploration and Unleashing of Passion

Anal Plugs and Dildos:

As mentioned earlier, anal plugs and dildos are sex toys used for anal stimulation and penetration. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to suit individual preferences.

Ball Gag with Breathing Holes:

A ball gag with breathing holes is a variant of the classic gag that provides an opening for breathing. It is used to suppress speech while allowing some airflow, which is particularly important for longer wear or for individuals with breathing issues.


A blindfold is used to block vision and thus enhance the other senses. This can intensify sensations during lovemaking and create increased sensitivity to touch and other stimuli.

Bondage Ropes:

Bondage ropes are used for the art of tying and bondage. They allow the body to be bound in various patterns and can evoke a range of erotic sensations. The selection of ropes ranges from soft and supple materials to firm and textured varieties, depending on the desired intensity and comfort.

Bondage Tape:

Bondage tape is a special self-adhesive tape that sticks to the skin without leaving residue. It is often used for bondage as it can be easily unrolled and cut to enable various bondage positions.

Collar and Leash:

A collar and leash are often used in BDSM scenarios to emphasize the symbolic submission of a person. The collar is worn around the neck, while the leash is used to control and guide the partner's movements.

Electrosex Toys:

Electrosex toys use electrical impulses to create sexual stimulation. This type of toy can include a variety of devices, from light vibrating wands to special electrodes designed for the stimulation of the genitals or other erogenous zones.

Feather Tickler:

A feather tickler is a light tool used for gentle stimulation and sensitization of the skin. It produces a pleasant tickling sensation and can be used as foreplay or aftercare in BDSM play or for general erotic exploration.


A gag is an object placed in a person's mouth to suppress speech or make it difficult to scream. Gags come in various forms, including balls, rods, or special devices that keep the mouth open.


Handcuffs are metal or plastic devices placed around the wrists or ankles to restrict movement. They are often used in BDSM or role-playing scenarios to symbolize submission or control.

Milking Machine:

In BDSM, a milking machine can be a device that either mechanically or electrically simulates the act of milking. These machines often have special suction devices that are placed on the nipples or genitals to create a sucking or pumping motion. This type of toy can be used for erotic stimulation, especially for individuals who enjoy nipple or genital torture or have a lactation fetish.


Needles are used in BDSM practice to create a specific type of pain stimulation. They are carefully and precisely placed to produce erotic stimulation or provoke certain sensations in the subject. Using needles requires advanced knowledge and should be done with extreme caution and hygiene.

Nipple Clamps:

Nipple clamps are special clamps placed on the nipples to create stimulation and pain. They can come in various designs, from gentle to more intense clamps, depending on the preferences and limits of the participants.


A paddle is a flat, often paddle-shaped tool used for spanking. It can be made of various materials like leather, rubber, or wood and is commonly used in BDSM play for punishment or erotic stimulation.

Penis Cage:

A penis cage is a device placed around the penis to control erections or promote chastity. It is often used in BDSM or fetish play to emphasize the power dynamic between partners.

Punishment Cage:

A punishment cage is a device designed to restrict a person's movement. It can come in various shapes and sizes and is often used in BDSM scenarios to symbolize submission or punishment.


The practice of hitting a partner on the buttocks, often with the hand or a paddle.

Spreader Bar:

A spreader bar is a device used to hold a person's limbs apart, keeping the body in an open and presented position. It is often used in BDSM scenarios to emphasize submission or display of the body.


A strap-on is a sex toy worn by one partner to penetrate the other partner vaginally, anally, or orally. Strap-ons can be equipped with various sizes and shapes of dildos and are often used in role-playing scenarios or during pegging.

Sybian Machine:

A Sybian machine is a special sex toy primarily used for genital stimulation. It consists of a seat with an internal vibration mechanism that can produce various intensities and patterns of vibrations. The user sits on the machine and can adjust the settings to achieve the desired stimulation. Sybian machines are known for providing intense and versatile stimulation and are often used in BDSM play or as standalone sex toys.


Vibrators are sex toys that generate vibrations to provide sexual stimulation. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to stimulate the genitals, nipples, or other erogenous zones.


Wax is often used as part of BDSM play to create sensory stimulation and pain. It is carefully dripped onto the skin, where it cools and produces a pleasant warming sensation as well as a slight pain response.


A whip is a tool with a long handle and a flexible, often braided end. It is used to strike a person and can be employed both for punishment and erotic stimulation.