• Agreements: Before getting started, you need to talk! Preferences, no-gos, and safewords are discussed before each session.
  • Anal sex: Well, that’s self-explanatory.
  • Anilingus: Also known as rimming. It might sound a bit clinical, but it simply means stimulating the anus with lips and tongue.


  • Bastinado: Sounds a bit like torture, and it is – but a special kind. It involves giving a bit of attention to the bare soles of the feet.
  • BDSM: Stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. The full package, if you know what I mean.
  • Bondage: The art of tying up. Restricting movement in an aesthetic form.
  • Bottom: Those who like to hang out on the bottom – in a figurative sense, of course.
  • Bunny: Not the fluffy animal, but the one who is tied up in bondage and looks like a cute bunny.


  • Cock and Ball Torture (CBT): Pleasure-painful stimulation of the penis and testicles. Sounds a bit dangerous, but to each their own!
  • Coming-out: Not just for the LGBT+ community! It’s about embracing your preferences – internally and externally.
  • Consensual: The most important part of BDSM: It must be consensual!
  • Crash: When the mood shifts and the session doesn't go as planned. This usually affects those on the bottom, but tops can also feel overwhelmed. Sometimes called a misplay.
  • Cross-Dressing: Putting on clothes of the opposite gender – why not?
  • Cuckold: Men who enjoy sharing their partners with others. A bit odd for some, but a real thrill for others!


  • Discipline: Punishment through the infliction of physical pain. Sounds a bit medieval, but for some, it's real pleasure!
  • Dom: The person who likes to be in charge – in the bedroom and sometimes outside it.


  • Erotic Power Exchange (EPE): Nothing beats a bit of power play in the bedroom! It’s about taking control or giving it up, depending on your preference.


  • Femdom: Female dominance in BDSM. Who says men always have to be in charge?
  • Fetishism: Fixation on certain objects, materials, or body parts. From feet to leather pants, it’s all included!
  • Flagellation: Sounds like a tough word, but it simply means inflicting physical pain by whipping.
  • Flogger: A fancy whip with soft strands that hurts a bit less than the classic type.
  • Footjob: If you’re not in the mood to use your hands, feet are quite okay too.
  • Frogtie: A bondage position where you look like a frog. Just without the croaking.


  • Gag: Sometimes silence is golden. A gag prevents the sub from speaking and can be quite thrilling.
  • Golden Shower: If you like to play a bit bolder, urinating on your partner might be just right for you. But be sure to check if everyone involved is okay with it first!


  • Hogtie: A pretty intense bondage position where the bottom lies on their stomach with hands and feet tied together.


  • Injection: In clinical eroticism, injecting fluids (sterile, of course!) can play a role. But be careful, it requires medical knowledge!


  • Japanese Bondage: A particularly aesthetic form of tying up. It’s not just about practical restraint, but also visual aesthetics.


  • Knebel: Manchmal ist Schweigen eben Gold. Ein Knebel hindert den Sub daran, zu sprechen, und das kann durchaus seinen Reiz haben.


  • Lacquer, Leather, Latex: The holy trinity of BDSM fetish! If you like to slip into shiny or matte materials, this is the place for you.


  • Masochism: If you take pleasure in pain and suffering, you’re a true masochist. But make sure it’s enjoyable for all involved!
  • Medical Play: If you’ve always wanted to play doctor, this is for you. But don’t forget: safety first!
  • Mummification: This involves wrapping the whole body or parts of it in suitable material to restrict movement. Be careful not to make it too tight!


  • Nadelrad: Ein etwas ungewöhnliches Spielzeug, das im BDSM gerne verwendet wird. Es sieht aus wie ein kleines Rad mit Spitzen und wird sanft über die Haut gerollt. Klingt ein bisschen gruselig, aber für viele ist es ein echter Nervenkitzel.


  • Objectification: Here, the sub is treated not as a person but as an object. Sounds a bit eerie, but it’s often part of training games.
  • O-Ring: This iron ring is a symbol from the "Story of O" and is commonly used in the BDSM scene. It stands for submission and belonging.


  • Paddle: A flat spanking tool often used to add a bit of spice to the buttocks. Sounds painful, but it can also be quite pleasurable.
  • Pegging: This involves a woman anally penetrating a man with a strap-on. Not for the faint-hearted, but a real pleasure for many!
  • Petplay: If you’ve always wanted to be treated like an animal, this is for you. Whether a pony, dog, or pig – anything goes!
  • Podophilia: If you like feet, this is your spot. There’s even a special term for it!


  • Queening: Also known as facesitting. Here, one partner places their genitals on the other’s face and gets oral pleasure. Not for those with claustrophobia!


  • Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK): A basic rule in BDSM that states all participants must be aware of the risks and act consensually. Sounds reasonable, right?
  • Riding crop: It’s nothing more than a thin, flexible stick for spanking. Sounds harsh, and it is, but for some, it’s just right.
  • Ropemarks: These are the impressions of the rope on the skin after an intense bondage session. A bit like a trophy!


  • Sadism: This is about deriving pleasure and satisfaction from causing pain and humiliation to others. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some, it’s a real thrill.
  • Safe, sane and consensual (SSC): A basic rule in BDSM that states everything should be safe, sane, and consensual. A good guideline to protect yourself and others.
  • Safeword: This is the agreed code to stop a BDSM activity. Important for the safety and well-being of all involved.
  • Session: The time during which BDSM practices are carried out. A bit like a game round, just a bit more intense.
  • Slowword: A special form of safeword where the bottom signals the top to slow down. A good way to control the session.
  • Spanking: This is nothing more than spanking the buttocks. Sounds old-fashioned, but for many, it’s a real pleasure.
  • Story of O: A novel by Pauline Réage, published in 1954. A pretty intense portrayal of female submission, so not for the faint-hearted.
  • Sub (Submissive): Those who like to give up control and submit. But beware, not all subs are the same!
  • Suspension Bondage: If you’ve always wanted to hang like a bird in a cage, this is for you. But be careful, it requires a lot of experience and preparation.


  • Tease and denial (T&D): This involves increasing arousal without reaching orgasm. A real test of patience, but a real pleasure for many.
  • Temperature play: A BDSM practice where toys and accessories are used to strongly influence the bottom’s body temperature. A hot-cold pleasure!
  • Total Power Exchange (TPE): If you’ve always wanted to give up control completely, this is for you. But be careful, it’s not for the faint-hearted!
  • Tunnel games: Games that, once started, cannot be stopped. A bit like a roller coaster ride, but for some, it’s a real thrill!


  • Urolagnia: This is nothing more than urine. Some people are into it, some aren’t. As always: only with everyone’s consent!
  • Urtication: This involves whipping with nettles to create a strong skin reaction. Sounds a bit adventurous, doesn’t it?


  • Vanillas: Those who practice sex without BDSM elements. Sounds a bit boring, but for some, it’s just right.


  • Wax: A BDSM practice where hot, liquid wax is dripped on the body. A bit like a hot shower, but a real pleasure for some!
  • Watersports: This involves playing with urine. Sounds a bit daring, but for some, it’s a real thrill!
  • Wartenberg Wheel: A somewhat unusual toy often used in BDSM. It looks like a small wheel with spikes and is gently rolled over the skin. Sounds a bit creepy, but for many, it’s a real thrill.


  • X-position: A bondage position where the bottom is tied


  • Y-position: A bondage position where the bottom is hung with tied arms and wide-spread legs overhead. A real balancing act! ::